Millions of workers are injured on the job

yearly, resulting in billions lost annually


Workers injured in US each year, more than the entire population of Oregon

$142 billion+

Direct company losses from workplace injuries translate to over two billion dollars a week in costs


Employer cost per 1,000 employees for back pain alone

A swift recovery from injury is critical

At 12 weeks, employees have only a 50% chance of ever returning to work.
We begin recovery at day 1.

Our holistic mobile platform helps injured employees recover and prevent future injury

Injury Recovery

Psychosocial Support
Our proprietary algorithm focuses on what matters for recovery – a blend of physical and mental elements customized to each employee.
Tailored Content
Keep critical parts of your body limber and strong with our video-based exercise – whether you have 5 minutes or 50.
Our end user management portal helps keep our providers and employers in constant contact with employees – providing a conduit of support.

Injury Prevention

Unique Challenges
Our prevention platform also features a set of simple weekly challenges to help guide you to healthy behaviors: like staying properly hydrated, staying active, and more.
Occupational Guides
From the right way to lift heavy objects to finding the correct posture while sitting at a desk, we provide simple tips every day to help you lift, sit, stand and more without the risk of injury or recurring injury.
Get Rewarded
For every healthy interaction — like completing an exercise video or conquering a challenge — you can earn rewards points, able to be used for great benefits like gift cards.

Founded In

Our team delivers critical expertise

Jeffrey E. Vogel

Founder & CEO

Harvard Occupational & Environmental Medicine

Bill Leslie

Chief Operating Officer

Sales & Operational Executive
Software, Mobile, Services
25 years experience

Jay Werb

Chief Technical Officer

30+ Years in the High Tech and Wireless industry
Technical founder of multiple companies
Granted 10 patents

Ted Courtney

Vice President, Product Strategy & Content Development

Board-certified Health and Safety expert, Exec Director, The Football Players Health Study at Harvard University, Instructor, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Mary Wyatt

Content Development

International Expert on Return-To-Work, Chair, Australian Faculty of Occ. and Env. Medicine Policy and Advocacy Committee

Guillaume David, PhD

IP, Patent, Research & Development

Research Engineer, Scientist Columbia Medical Center

Viktor Gamarnik, MD, PhD

IP, Patent, Research & Development

Accelerometer expert scientist Columbia Medical Center

Charles Platkin, PhD, JD, MPH

Behavioral Experience

Serial Entrepreneur
Behavior Change Expert Professor, Hunter College

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