We begin far before the risk of injury, but can easily step in once it happens.

Meet John.

John is a forklift driver, often working with heavy materials throughout his workday.

John’s employer provides our app for his smartphone, his onboarding provides our system and his employer details on his tasks.

John’s app provides him ongoing training on how to properly lift heavy items, his sitting posture, and more. 

His employer tracks each training modules used and rewards him for his efforts.

Accidents can and will happen. Let’s see how we help John recover faster.

John turns an ankle while moving a heavy load of materials.

After determining it wasn’t critical,
John reports the injury through our app on his smartphone.

After answering a targeted series of questions about his injury, John schedules time with a health provider.

John meets with his selected provider via video chat, enabling the provider to examine his injury and learn key recovery factors.

John’s employer receives his injury information, and his recovery provider creates a custom plan. It is delivered to his app within 48 hours.

John begins his plan and follows the video-based exercises. His employer is able to track his progress and connect with his provider to help support John’s recovery.

John completes his plan, and returns to work much faster than a typical ankle sprain, and remains on the platform to help prevent an injury in the future.